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If you have been arrested for any crimes involving alcohol and / or other drugs, you may be required to have a substance abuse evaluation. It is mandatory to have an evaluation when arrested for OWI / DUI. Maybe you were arrested for public intox, domestic abuse, possession charges, manufacturing, or delivery. If the judge orders a substance abuse evaluation, I can help you fulfill this order.

If you have been thinking about your own personal drinking or drug use and you’re not clear if you have a true problem, then this is the time to call. I can help you understand and determine what it is you should do.

Those in need can call the office number, or if you need to speak to someone right away, please call my afterhours / emergency number of 319-671-1150.

Make the most of an unfortunate situation:

  • Assessment / Evaluation Pricing - OWI / Zero Tolerance Assessment / Evaluation, Out Of State OWI / Zero Tolerance Packet, All Other Drug / Alcohol Assessment / Evaluation, DUI / OWI Driving Unimpaired Course

This information can be presented in alternative formats. All communications are protected through Federal Confidentiality Rules and Regulations. Treatment fees are based upon the person’s income and ability to pay.

Most cases can be seen within 24 hours. Call our office at 319-752-4667 to schedule an appointment today!

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